Investigation of oxidation reactions of functionalized hydrocarbons in aqueous solution and phase transfer

In the Chemistry Department at TROPOS numerous laboratory experiments are available to enhance the understanding of tropospheric multiphase processes. Depending on the issue, processes are investigated which can occur at the surface of the (aqueous) particles or cloud droplets or in the aqueous and particle phase itself. To characterize the reactive uptake of certain species to the aqueous phase or onto aerosol particles, a droplet experiment and a Knudsen cell are at disposal. In the aqueous phase laboratory (Laser lab), reaction kinetics determine rate constants of radical reactions (e.g. OH, NO3, SOx) as well as of interactions with non-radical oxidants (like ozone and hydrogen peroxide). Also photochemical experiments are conducted. Furthermore, there exist numerous analytical methods for the identification and quantification of reaction products (product studies).