Doctoral seminar winter term 2016/2017

Seminar by the doctoral candidates of the Institute for Tropospheric Research and Leipzig Institute for Meteorologiy

Place: TROPOS, seminar room, building 23.1

Date Doctoral candidate Title
11.04.2017 Ulrike Egerer Tethered balloon-borne energy budget measurements in the cloudy central Arctic
20.10.2016 Ferdinand Stolz Liquid Micro Jets in Interaction with Intense Infrared Laser Beams for Analytics and Novel Applications
03.11.2016 Monique Teich Speciation of Brown Carbon in atmospheric particles in different atmospheric environments
06.12.2016 Felix Lauermann Radiation measurements in the entrainment interface layer of marine stratocumulus
08.12.2016 Honey Alas Title: What drives the spatial and temporal distribution of BC and PM in cities?
16.12.2016 Anne Wiesner Modelling Traffic Soot Emission Factors
15.12.2016 Cristofer Jimenez Development of a new depolarization Lidar-Receiver, to retrieve microphysical properties of aerosols and liquid-clouds for aerosol-clouds interaction studies
10.01.2017 Matthias Gottschalk Balloon-borne measurements of the radiative budget of Arctic Stratocumulus clouds
12.01.2017 Kevin Wolf Cloud Remote Sensing with Smart-HALO during NARVAL-II and NAWDEX
17.01.2017 Tobias Dont Remote sensing of snow grain size and black carbon concentration in arctic snow
19.01.2017 Stefanie Feuerstein tbd
24.01.2017 Bastian Stieger Measurements of short-chain carboxylic acids with the MARGA
27.02.2017 Denise Assmann Aerosol particle gradients over the tropopause
31.01.2017 Xianda Gong The properties of cloud condensation nuclei and ice nuclei particles at the Cape Verde Islands
07.02.2017 Paul Herenz Aerosol and Cloud Condensation Nuclei properties in high latitude areas
09.02.2017 Markus Hartmann Physical activation and ice nucleating properties of aerosol particles in the marine boundary layer
21.02.2017 Stephan Lenk Improved nowcasting of thunderstorms using satellite measurements
23.02.2017 Kathrin Gatzsche Kinetic modeling of secondary organic aerosol formation
02.03.2017 Sebastian Zeppenfeld Analysis of carbohydrates in Arctic marine sea water and aerosol samples
07.03.2017 Franziska Rittmeister tbd
16.03.2017 Nadja Triesch Organic carbon in the marine atmosphere