Doctoral seminar summer term 2017

Seminar by the doctoral candidates of the Institute for Tropospheric Research and Leipzig Institute for Meteorologiy

Place: TROPOS, seminar room, building 23.1

Date Doctoral candidate Title
27.03.2017 Jianghyue Zhao tbd
12.10.2017 Kathrin Gatzsche Investigation of gasSOA formation by parcel and 3-D modeling
18.10.2017 Kevin Wolf Synergetic Retrieval of Cloud Droplet Number Concentration by Airborne Passive and Active Remote Sensing
01.11.2017 Tim Carlsen Parameterization of snow BRDF measurements in Antarctica
21.11.2017 Paul Herenz CCN measurements at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Research Station during three austral summers
30.11.2017 Cristofer Jimenez Retrievals of microphysical properties of liquid water clouds. New approach: dual field of view depolarization lidar
07.12.2017 Ulrike Egerer Tethered balloon-borne turbulent energy fluxes in the cloudy central Arctic
14.12.2017 Hannes Griesche Stabilized 35Ghz cloud radar observations in the arctic during PS106
19.12.2017 Stefanie Feuerstein Use of space-, air- and ground-based remote sensing data to represent alluvial dust sources in COSMO-MUSCAT
09.01.2018 Robert Wagner Emissions of mineral dust related to wildfires
11.01.2018 Friederike Lilienthal Forcing Mechanisms of Terdiurnal Tides in the Middle Atmosphere
16.01.2018 Xianda Gong Cloud condensation nuclei and ice nucleating paricles over the Western Mediterranean
17.01.2018 Tobias Donth Retrieving the mass fraction of light-absorbing impurities in Arctic snow
18.01.2018 Sarah Grawe Coal fly ash: Aerosol characterization and immersion freezing potential
19.01.2018 Honey Alas tbd
23.01.2018 Felix Lauermann Helicopter-borne radiation measurements in marine stratocumulus over the Azores
24.01.2018 Jia Sun Temporal and Spatial Variability of Black Carbon Mass Concentrations, Particle Number Concentrations and Size Distributions: Results of the German Ultrafine Aerosol Network
25.01.2018 Kátia Mendes de Barros Evolution of deep convective clouds derived from ground-based imaging spectrometer measurements
30.01.2018 Kai Szodry ACORES: Observations of the entrainment-interface layer of maritime stratocumulus
01.02.2018 Martin Radenz Proposing DACAPO-PESO: Observing cloud microphysics and precipitation over Punta Arenas in 2018-2019
06.02.2017 Matthias Gottschalk Radiative fluxes within marine Sc during ABEX
08.02.2017 Anne Wiesner Real World Traffic Soot Emission Factors from Measurements and Inverse Modelling
13.02.2017 Markus Hartmann Ship-borne INP and CCN observations in the high Arctic and historic INP concentrations from Arctic ice cores
15.02.2017 Tamara Felber Time-resolved laser spectroscopy of photosensitizers in tropospheric aqueous solution
27.02.2017 Peter Mettke tbd
01.03.2017 Stephan Lenk Detecting convective initiation using satellite and radar data
13.03.2017 Elena Ruiz Donoso Low level clouds themodynamic phase discrimination using passive remote sensing. Application to ACLOUD measurements
15.03.2017 Erik Hoffmann tbd
22.03.2017 Sebastian Zeppenfeld Marine carbohydrates in Arctic aerosols