Doctoral seminar summer term 2017

Seminar by the doctoral candidates of the Institute for Tropospheric Research and Leipzig Institute for Meteorologiy

Place: TROPOS, seminar room, building 23.1

Date Doctoral candidate Title
28.09.2017 Carola Barriantos Closure of Arctic cloud properties and radiative fluxes from ground based observations
11.04.2017 Ulrike Egerer Tethered balloon-borne energy budget measurements in the cloudy central Arctic
20.04.2017 Elena Ruiz Donoso Low level clouds phase discrimination using passive solar sensing
27.06.2017 Tobias Otto The fate of isoprene-derived dihydroxycarbonyl compounds in the tropospheric aqueous phase
29.06.2017 Erik Hofmann tbd
06.07.2017 Daniel Mewes Large-scale dynamical impact and meridional transport into the Arctic
13.07.2017 Nadja Samtleben tbd
20.07.2017 Moritz Haarig tbd
25.07.2017 Johannes Stapf In Situ Measurements of Cloud Radiative Cooling and Heating Rates
27.07.2017 Trismono Candra Crisna Comparison of airborne and satellite retrieval of optical and microphysical properties of cirrus and deep convective clouds using solar radiation measurements
19.09.2017 Julian Hofer Results of the Central Asian Duse Experiment (CADEX): Long-term lidar profiling of mineral dust and pollution aerosol at Dushanbe, Tajikistan
21.09.2017 Jonas Witthuhn Comparison of Aerosol products measured from satellite (MODIS/SEVIRI) vs. sunphotometer and shadow band radiometer over the Atlantik ocean
26.09.2017 Robert Wagner Relevance of wildfires on dust emissions via interaction with near-surface wind pattern