TROPOS press releases en TROPOS Wed, 29 Jun 2022 08:05:41 +0200 Wed, 29 Jun 2022 08:05:41 +0200 Press releases TYPO3 EXT:news news-1557 Wed, 15 Jun 2022 15:48:24 +0200 Atmospheric researchers of the new research infrastructure ACTRIS-D meet for the first time in Leipzig /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/atmosphaerenforschende-der-neuen-forschungsinfrastruktur-actris-d-treffen-sich-erstmals-in-leipzig German contribution to the European Network will enable better forecasts for air quality, weather and climate in the future Klima news-1549 Thu, 26 May 2022 20:00:00 +0200 New class of substances detected in atmospheric chemistry /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/neue-substanzklasse-in-der-atmosphaerenchemie-nachgewiesen International team reports on highly oxidized hydrotrioxides in SCIENCE Klima news-1517 Fri, 18 Mar 2022 07:56:41 +0100 Dramatic warming in the Arctic – HALO-(AC)3 field campaign investigates a worrying phenomenon /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/drastische-erwaermung-in-der-arktis-die-feldkampagne-halo-ac-3-untersucht-ein-beunruhigendes-phaenomen TROPOS joins with BELUGA balloon & measurements on Polar 6 Klima news-1497 Mon, 07 Feb 2022 14:24:05 +0100 Deep insights into the Arctic of tomorrow /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/tiefe-einblicke-in-die-arktis-von-morgen First interdisciplinary results of MOSAiC drift published – with contributions from Leipzig on the atmosphere Klima news-1491 Wed, 26 Jan 2022 08:27:00 +0100 Updrafts crucial - clouds in the southern hemisphere more precisely understood /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/aufwinde-entscheidend-wolken-in-der-suedhemisphaere-genauer-verstanden Longest dataset of lidar-radar observations in the mid-latitudes of the southern hemisphere provides new insights into the differences to northern-hemispheric clouds Klima news-1486 Fri, 21 Jan 2022 10:10:57 +0100 Climate change and wildfires could increase ozone hole /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/klimawandel-und-waldbraende-koennten-ozonloch-vergroessern MOSAiC expedition observed strong smoke layer over the North Pole for the first time, revealing a new upwelling process in the troposphere Klima news-1466 Thu, 02 Dec 2021 08:38:57 +0100 Air quality models can improve the accuracy of forecasts of daily solar power production in the future /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/vorhersagemodelle-fuer-luftqualitaet-koennen-in-zukunft-dabei-helfen-die-tagesproduktion-an-solarstrom-genauer-abzuschaetzen Analyses of the influence of aerosols on the yield of photovoltaic systems contribute toward a better utilisation of electricity grids and the energy transition. Klima news-1443 Mon, 04 Oct 2021 09:00:00 +0200 Leipzig tethered balloon in action on Spitsbergen /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/leipziger-fesselballon-auf-spitzbergen-im-einsatz TROPOS and Leipzig University measure for the first time in the polar night Klima news-1432 Fri, 03 Sep 2021 09:16:00 +0200 New Professor for Aerosols and Cloud Microphysics /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/neue-professorin-fuer-aerosole-und-wolkenmikrophysik Joint appointment strengthens Leipzig climate research Klima news-1423 Thu, 05 Aug 2021 10:00:00 +0200 Atmospheric research in Germany will be significantly expanded /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/atmosphaerenforschung-in-deutschland-wird-deutlich-ausgebaut National contribution to EU research infrastructure ACTRIS will enable better forecasts for air quality, weather, and climate in the future Klima news-1405 Wed, 30 Jun 2021 10:00:00 +0200 Large measurement campaign in the Atlantic starts /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/grosse-messkampagne-im-atlantik-laeuft-an TROPOS lidar on Cabo Verde in operation for the ESA wind satellite Aeolus Klima news-1397 Thu, 10 Jun 2021 12:51:45 +0200 Soot from heaters and traffic is not just a local problem /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/russ-aus-heizungen-und-verkehr-ist-nicht-nur-ein-lokales-problem Study from Thuringia shows: 50 per cent of the soot that is harmful to health comes from local sources and 50 per cent from long-distance transport. Klima news-1391 Tue, 01 Jun 2021 08:30:00 +0200 Californian smoke drifted as far as Central Europe in autumn 2020 and caused heavy clouding of the sun /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/kalifornischer-rauch-zog-im-herbst-2020-bis-nach-mitteleuropa-und-sorgte-fuer-starke-truebung-der-sonne Comparison with ground measurements proves: ESA's Aeolus wind satellite also provides valuable data on aerosol in the atmosphere Klima news-1368 Mon, 22 Mar 2021 14:03:00 +0100 Particulates are more dangerous than previously thought /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/feinstaub-ist-gefaehrlicher-als-gedacht Media release by PSI about publication of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI with ETH Zurich and TROPOS in Nature Communications. Klima news-1346 Wed, 24 Feb 2021 07:00:00 +0100 Oxidation processes in combustion engines and in the atmosphere take the same routes /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/oxidationsprozesse-in-verbrennungsmotoren-und-in-der-atmosphaere-gehen-gleiche-wege Efficient autoxidation chain reactions demonstrated for the substance group of saturated hydrocarbons Klima news-1323 Tue, 05 Jan 2021 10:47:00 +0100 Drought of the century in the Middle Ages - with parallels to climate change today? /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/jahrhundertduerre-im-mittelalter-mit-parallelen-zum-klimawandel-heute Leipzig researchers identify previously unknown drought period from historical sources Klima news-1312 Mon, 14 Dec 2020 08:00:00 +0100 Indoor air in hospitals and nursing homes require more attention /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/raumluft-in-krankenhaeusern-und-pflegeheimen-erfordert-mehr-aufmerksamkeit Recommendations against the spread of COVID-19 via aerosols in rooms news-1308 Tue, 08 Dec 2020 09:00:00 +0100 Corona pandemic could be better tackled by reducing aerosol transmission /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/corona-pandemie-koennte-durch-reduzierung-der-aerosol-uebertragung-besser-bekaempft-werden Working committee particulate matter (AAF) recommends concrete countermeasures for indoor areas: masks, ventilation, air purification and overhead extraction news-1289 Mon, 12 Oct 2020 12:30:00 +0200 Unique view into the "new Arctic": International MOSAiC expedition successfully completed /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/einmaliger-blick-in-die-neue-arktis-internationale-mosaic-expedition-erfolgreich-beendet Researchers from TROPOS and Leipzig University contribute to the success of the largest Arctic expedition Klima news-1260 Thu, 20 Aug 2020 07:30:00 +0200 Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 spreads more indoors at low humidity. /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/coronavirus-sars-cov-2-breitet-sich-bei-niedriger-luftfeuchtigkeit-in-innenraeumen-staerker-aus Indian-German research team recommends at least 40 percent humidity in public buildings news-1256 Fri, 31 Jul 2020 14:24:53 +0200 Farewell to the MOSAiC ice floe. /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/abschied-von-der-mosaic-scholle Balloon measurements by TROPOS and Leipzig University completed. Lidar measurements continue on Polarstern. Klima news-1242 Fri, 26 Jun 2020 08:04:00 +0200 Traffic density, wind and air stratification influence the concentrations of the air pollutant nitrogen dioxide /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/verkehrsdichte-wind-und-luftschichtung-beeinflussen-die-belastung-mit-dem-luftschadstoff-stickstoffdioxid Leipzig researchers use a calculation method to remove weather influences from air pollution data Klima news-1238 Thu, 18 Jun 2020 13:10:00 +0200 Leipzig research balloon becomes important platform for Arctic atmosphere measurements in the international MOSAiC expedition /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/leipziger-forschungsballon-wird-wichtige-plattform-fuer-die-arktischen-atmosphaerenmessungen-bei-der-internationalen-mosaic-expedition Researchers from TROPOS and the University of Leipzig make a major contribution to the success of the largest Arctic expedition news-1228 Tue, 19 May 2020 09:58:26 +0200 Exposure to ultrafine aerosol particles in German homes depends primarily on the people themselves /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/belastung-durch-ultrafeinstaub-in-deutschen-wohnungen-haengt-vor-allem-von-den-menschen-selber-ab First long-term study on particulate matter from 10 nano- to 10 micrometers in apartments in Leipzig and Berlin news-1211 Wed, 13 May 2020 12:51:33 +0200 30,000 protective masks against the COVID-19 virus for University of Leipzig Medical Center /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/30-000-schutzmasken-gegen-corona-fuer-universitaetsklinikum-leipzig German-Chinese scientific cooperation organizes delivery from China news-1195 Tue, 17 Mar 2020 12:43:00 +0100 Leibniz-Expertenservice „Globale Gesundheit im Zeichen von Globalisierung und Klimawandel“ /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/leibniz-expertenservice-globale-gesundheit-im-zeichen-von-globalisierung-und-klimawandel Auch zwei TROPOS-Forschende sind beim Leibniz-Expertenservice dabei. news-1193 Mon, 16 Mar 2020 12:32:00 +0100 MOSAiC aerial survey campaigns for the atmosphere and sea ice temporarily suspended /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/coronavirus-vorerst-keine-flugkampagnen-zur-vermessung-von-atmosphaere-und-meereis Press release by AWI Klima news-1189 Mon, 02 Mar 2020 13:59:00 +0100 Two New Records at the North Pole /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/zwei-rekorde-am-nordpol AWI press release on the second leg of the MOSAiC expedition Klima news-1162 Mon, 09 Dec 2019 09:54:00 +0100 The Arctic atmosphere - a gathering place for dust? /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/die-atmosphaere-der-arktis-ein-sammelbecken-fuer-staub For the first time during the MOSAiC expedition, a multi-wavelength lidar provides data on fine dust in the central Arctic during polar night. Klima news-1156 Mon, 25 Nov 2019 08:42:00 +0100 In the focus of climate change /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/im-brennpunkt-des-klimawandels German remote sensing experts participate in the construction of a new centre in Cyprus. Klima news-1154 Mon, 18 Nov 2019 06:18:00 +0100 New findings on the largest natural sulfur source in the atmosphere /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/neue-erkenntnisse-zur-groessten-natuerlichen-schwefelquelle-in-der-atmosphaere Laboratory results from Leipzig question current knowledge on the degradation of dimethyl sulfide within the sulfur cycle Klima news-1151 Sat, 09 Nov 2019 08:33:00 +0100 Turbulence creates ice in clouds /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/turbulenz-sorgt-fuer-eis-in-wolken Scientists from Leipzig measure an important sub-process of the water cycle. Klima news-1132 Thu, 22 Aug 2019 10:36:00 +0200 Clean air for a sustainable future /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/saubere-luft-fuer-eine-nachhaltige-zukunft Three Leibniz Institutes are working on solutions to reduce the health impact of air pollution by soot in the Southeast Asian megacity of Manila. Klima news-1121 Thu, 18 Jul 2019 11:00:00 +0200 How are pollen distributed in the air? /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/wie-verteilen-sich-pollen-in-der-luft Finnish-German research team to use lasers to investigate allergy-inducing particles Klima news-1117 Wed, 26 Jun 2019 09:00:00 +0200 Earth observation network PollyNet gets new station in Asia /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/erdbeobachtungsnetz-pollynet-bekommt-neue-station-in-asien Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds technology for Tajikistan, Cyprus and Cape Verde with almost three million euros Klima news-1115 Tue, 25 Jun 2019 11:45:32 +0200 Do ice cores help to unravel the clouds of climate history? /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/helfen-eisbohrkerne-die-bewoelkung-der-klimageschichte-zu-entschluesseln International team measures ice nuclei from Arctic clouds of the past 500 years for the first time Klima news-1111 Wed, 19 Jun 2019 23:00:00 +0200 Academies stress need for global action on harmful air pollution /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/niemand-bleibt-unversehrt-akademien-fordern-globale-massnahmen-gegen-luftverschmutzung calling for a new global compact to improve collaboration on the growing problem of harmful air pollution Klima news-1106 Mon, 03 Jun 2019 10:00:00 +0200 Solving the entrainment puzzle /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/das-raetsel-der-sich-mischenden-wolkentroepfchen EU supports studies in Leipzig as part of Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions Klima news-1081 Sun, 14 Apr 2019 14:03:00 +0200 First dust conference in the Central Asian part of the earth’s dust belt /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/first-dust-conference-in-the-central-asian-part-of-the-earth-s-dust-belt German-Tajik research cooperation set impulses Klima news-1070 Mon, 18 Feb 2019 15:45:00 +0100 How does precipitation originate in the mountains? /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/how-does-precipitation-originate-in-the-mountains Measuring campaign in the Swiss Alps brings cloud and snow research together intensively for the first time. Press release of the WSL. Klima news-1048 Thu, 31 Jan 2019 06:15:00 +0100 Leipzig researchers on Spanish Antarctic expedition /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/leipzig-researchers-on-spanish-antarctic-expedition Focus on interactions between ocean and atmosphere around the Antarctic Peninsula Klima news-1030 Thu, 20 Dec 2018 07:32:00 +0100 Field experiment on clouds and precipitation under clean air conditions started in southern Chile /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/field-experiment-on-clouds-and-precipitation-under-clean-air-conditions-started-in-southern-chile Researchers from Leipzig cooperate with scientists from Punta Arenas (Chile) to learn more about the relationship between air pollution, clouds and precipitation. Klima news-1025 Thu, 13 Dec 2018 07:46:40 +0100 Megacity traffic soot contributes to global warming /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/megacity-traffic-soot-contributes-to-global-warming Reduction of transport emissions in emerging economies would have positive impacts on health and climate Klima news-1003 Fri, 30 Nov 2018 13:22:46 +0100 Scientists and engineers will discuss at UN climate conference how the fight against air pollution can protect the climate /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/scientists-and-engineers-will-discuss-at-un-climate-conference-how-the-fight-against-air-pollution-can-protect-the-climate Joint press release FZJ-IASS-TROPOS about side event in the EU pavilion at COP24 in Katowice on 3 December Klima news-975 Tue, 21 Aug 2018 00:07:40 +0200 ADM Aeolus – Measuring the wind from space with a laser for the first time /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/adm-aeolus-measuring-the-wind-from-space-with-a-laser-for-the-first-time European Earth observation satellite to launch on 22 August 2018. Press release by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Klima news-947 Thu, 31 May 2018 14:53:05 +0200 UAV aircrafts provide new insights into the formation of the smallest particles in the Arctic /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/uav-aircrafts-provide-new-insights-into-the-formation-of-the-smallest-particles-in-the-arctic Scientists study particle formation over Spitsbergen - Joint Press Release of the Technical University of Braunschweig, the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research Leipzig and the Eberhard-Karls University of Tübingen: Klima news-922 Wed, 28 Mar 2018 14:12:23 +0200 Rapid pair production – Detection of a new reaction path in the atmosphere /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/rapid-pair-production-detection-of-a-new-reaction-path-in-the-atmosphere Research team observes the formation of accretion products during the degradation of hydrocarbons Klima news-913 Mon, 12 Mar 2018 19:53:04 +0100 Surveying the Arctic: Tracking down carbon particles. /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/surveying-the-arctic-tracking-down-carbon-particles Researchers embark on aerial campaign over Northeast Greenland Klima news-890 Fri, 12 Jan 2018 08:15:00 +0100 TROPOS researchers again among the world's most influential scientists /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/tropos-researchers-again-among-the-worlds-most-influential-scientists-1 only eleven researchers in Germany listed in the field of Geosciences as "Highly Cited Researchers" Klima news-880 Thu, 14 Dec 2017 11:00:00 +0100 Healthier Air due to the Low Emission Zone /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/healthier-air-due-to-the-low-emission-zone Significant decrease of black carbon and ultrafine particles in urban air Klima news-817 Wed, 19 Jul 2017 11:39:00 +0200 Millennial-scale fluctuations in Saharan dust supply across the decline of the African Humid Period /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/millennial-scale-fluctuations-in-saharan-dust-supply-across-the-decline-of-the-african-humid-period press release of the Leipzig University Klima news-809 Thu, 11 May 2017 09:35:00 +0200 Focus on the Arctic Climate: German Scientists on Missions in the Arctic by Ship and Plane /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/focus-on-the-arctic-climate-german-scientists-on-missions-in-the-arct It is the end of May and time for many Germans to take out their bikes and enjoy the pleasant temperature. However, this is not on the minds of more than 60 meteorologists and physicists. Instead, their thoughts are on their upcoming journey through Arctic regions in frigid temperatures. Soon, they will start their elaborate survey of the regions between Greenland and Spitsbergen (Svalbard) on board two specially equipped research planes and one research vessel. Their mission includes finding out what role the Arctic cloud cover plays in the amplified Arctic climate change. The scientists will have eight weeks to answer this and other questions. Their work will contribute to the project 'Arctic Climate Change' funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG; Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) as part of the Umbrella Research Programme (DFG Sonderforschungsbereich) Transregio 172. news-733 Thu, 26 Jan 2017 07:51:00 +0100 Launch of the atmospheric simulation chambers research infrastructure EUROCHAMP-2020: looking beyond 2020 /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/launch-of-the-atmospheric-simulation-chambers-research-infrastructure-eurochamp-2020-looking-beyond-2020 press release by EUROCHAMP-2020 Klima news-678 Mon, 05 Dec 2016 08:30:00 +0100 Important process for cloud formation from gases unravelled /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/important-process-for-cloud-formation-from-gases-unravelled new paper in Nature Communications Klima news-669 Thu, 06 Oct 2016 15:22:00 +0200 Impact of sea smell overestimated by present climate models /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/impact-of-sea-smell-overestimated-by-present-climate-models Most comprehensive study on the atmospheric oxidation of the natural climatic gas dimethyl sulfide published Klima news-601 Thu, 25 Feb 2016 14:30:00 +0100 Atmospheric research infrastructure ACTRIS to European updated research infrastructure roadmap /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/atmospheric-research-infrastructure-actris-to-european-updated-research-infrastructure-roadmap Klima news-590 Mon, 21 Dec 2015 12:40:00 +0100 TROPOS researchers again among the world's most influential scientists /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/tropos-researchers-again-among-the-worlds-most-influential-scientists only eight of Germany under the "Highly Cited Researchers" in the field of Geosciences Klima news-556 Fri, 20 Nov 2015 13:47:00 +0100 Substantial funding for DFG Transregional Collaborative Research Centre on "Arctic Climate Change" /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/substantial-funding-for-dfg-transregional-collaborative-research-centre-on-arctic-climate-change Universities of Leipzig, Bremen and Cologne together with AWI and TROPOS successfully Klima news-543 Wed, 30 Sep 2015 06:40:00 +0200 Surface of the oceans affects climate more than thought /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/surface-of-the-oceans-affects-climate-more-than-thought first detected abiotic source of isoprene Klima news-503 Tue, 28 Jul 2015 13:34:00 +0200 METEOR expedition „BioChemUpwell“ takes a close look at upwelling zones in the Baltic Sea /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/meteor-expedition-biochemupwell-takes-a-close-look-at-upwelling-zones-in-the-baltic-sea Chemists of TROPOS investigate exchange processes between ocean and atmosphere Klima news-474 Tue, 07 Jul 2015 16:55:00 +0200 Volcanic eruptions slow down climate change /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/volcanic-eruptions-slow-down-climate-change Volcanic aerosols have acted as a natural umbrella to slow down global temperature increase from greenhouse gases news-466 Thu, 18 Jun 2015 12:45:00 +0200 The path of light - International Symposium on light scattering in Leipzig /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/the-path-of-light-international-symposium-on-light-scattering-in-leipzig Leipzig. From June 22 to June 26 2015 scientists from all over the world meet at the 15th Electromagnetic & Light Scattering Conference ELS XV. news-459 Wed, 03 Jun 2015 15:50:00 +0200 EU invests 10 million euros into a research infrastructure for aerosols, clouds and trace gases /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/eu-invests-10-million-euros-into-a-research-infrastructure-for-aerosols-clouds-and-trace-gases TROPOS coordinates remote sensing and the European Centre for Aerosol Calibration in ACTRIS-2. news-444 Tue, 26 May 2015 11:56:00 +0200 Researchers solve another piece of the puzzle how forests can effect our climate. /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/researchers-solve-another-piece-of-the-puzzle-how-forests-can-effect-our-climate how forest emitted compounds affecting cloud seeds via formation of low-volatility vapours Klima news-440 Thu, 21 May 2015 18:56:00 +0200 Scientific networking at a research hotspot /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/scientific-networking-at-a-research-hotspot International science symposium and summer school held in Cape Verde Klima news-401 Thu, 22 Jan 2015 16:15:00 +0100 Leibniz strengthens dust research in Leipzig /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/leibniz-strengthens-dust-research-in-leipzig a new working group on modelling and remote sensing of mineral dust in the atmosphere Klima news-363 Wed, 10 Dec 2014 07:03:00 +0100 Well-known oxidation mechanism also operative in the atmosphere – with far-reaching effects /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/well-known-oxidation-mechanism-also-operative-in-the-atmosphere-with-far-reaching-effects Researchers discover mechanism of rapid formation of extremely low volatile organic compounds Klima news-361 Tue, 09 Dec 2014 09:35:00 +0100 Haagen-Smit Prize to Aerosol researchers /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/haagen-smit-prize-to-aerosol-researchers European team of Aerosol researchers with participation of TROPOS awarded Klima news-333 Fri, 24 Oct 2014 11:17:00 +0200 CADEX investigates dust over Central Asia /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/cadex-investigates-dust-over-central-asia Tajik Academy of Sciences and TROPOS cooperate on aerosol research Klima news-326 Tue, 07 Oct 2014 18:57:00 +0200 Cloud towers above the Amazon /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/cloud-towers-above-the-amazon Scientists have successfully studied the formation of clouds and precipitation above the Brazilian rainforest with the research aircraft HALO Klima news-324 Thu, 02 Oct 2014 11:30:00 +0200 Soot Aerosols - Workshop on Measurement methods and perspectives /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/soot-aerosols-workshop-on-measurement-methods-and-perspectives European researchers discuss new methods at the TROPOS Klima news-305 Tue, 29 Jul 2014 14:53:00 +0200 TROPOS-Researcher under the world-wide most influencing scientists /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/tropos-researcher-under-the-world-wide-most-influencing-scientists Only nine German scientists are listed under the „Highly Cited Researchers “in the field of geo-science Klima news-267 Thu, 24 Apr 2014 17:11:00 +0200 Experts warn against geo-engineering: considering the risks of unintended side effects /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/experts-warn-against-geo-engineering-considering-the-risks-of-unintended-side-effects statements of the International Commission on Clouds and Precipitation (ICCP) and the International Radiation Commission (IRC) Klima news-205 Wed, 26 Feb 2014 19:00:00 +0100 New gas-phase compounds form organic particle ingredients /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/new-gas-phase-compounds-form-organic-particle-ingredients Helsinki/Jülich/Leipzig. Scientists made an important step in order to better understand the relationships between vegetation and climate. So-called extremely low-volatility organic compounds, which are produced by plants, could be detected for the first time during field and laboratory experiments in Finland and Germany. These organic species contribute to the formation of aerosol that can affect climate and air quality, they report in this week’s issue of the journal NATURE. The results may help to explain discrepancies between observations and theories about how volatile organic compounds produced by vegetation are converted into atmospheric aerosol – especially over forested regions. Klima news-189 Mon, 13 Jan 2014 09:29:00 +0100 New website of the TROPOS now provides detailed information about the institute /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/new-website-of-the-tropos-now-provides-detailed-information-about-the-institute The new website of the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research has been launched. The website now provides much more detailed and current information about the work at the institute. The renewal was necessary because the former website no longer complied with the technical requirements. Klima news-159 Wed, 18 Dec 2013 10:10:00 +0100 Pollen influences optical properties of the atmosphere /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/pollen-influences-optical-properties-of-the-atmosphere Laser measurements show: pollen has considerably influence on air quality Klima news-77 Wed, 15 May 2013 12:00:00 +0200 European Research Infrastructures help to solve air quality issues /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/european-research-infrastructures-help-to-solve-air-quality-issues Brussels. Scientists have advocated for tightening the Air Quality Directive and expand research on air quality and climate change. Only appropriate investments in research can provide a solid basis for decision making in these areas that have major health and economic consequences for Europe’s citizens. Klima news-103 Tue, 24 Apr 2012 10:00:00 +0200 Chacaltaya (5240 m) in Bolivia /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/chacaltaya-5240-m-in-bolivia The World highest monitoring station for measuring atmospheric composition change Klima news-109 Wed, 25 Jan 2012 10:00:00 +0100 African smoke reaches South America /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/african-smoke-reaches-south-america Lidar measurements show intercontinental transport Klima news-114 Mon, 14 Nov 2011 10:00:00 +0100 Air pollution and volcanic ash cause more efficient freezing of clouds /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/air-pollution-and-volcanic-ash-cause-more-efficient-freezing-of-clouds Scientists found strong contrasts in cloud properties between the northern and southern hemisphere Klima news-118 Wed, 22 Jun 2011 10:00:00 +0200 Orientation of plancton effects the Oceans climate /en/current-issues/press-releases/details/orientation-of-plancton-effects-the-oceans-climate Up to now scattering of light not sufficiently accounted for Klima