Dr. Jens Voigtländer

Leibniz Institute for

Tropospheric Research

Permoserstraße 15

04318 Leipzig


Phone: +49 341 2717-7141

E-Mail: jens.voigtlaender [at] tropos.de

Room: 0.04 (Building 23.3)


Experimental Aerosol and Cloud Microphysics



Cloud Workgroup


Research areas

  • CFD-Simulations with Fluent/FPM to design and evaluate experiments
  • development of models for simulations of particle dynamical and microphysical processes
  • experiments to investigate optical surface properties of single ice crystals
  • influence of turbulence on cloud microphysics, building up a humid wind tunnel (Leipzig Aerosol Cloud Turbulence Tunnel, LACTT)
  • development and operation of multicopters used for atmospheric profiling

Curriculum Vitae:

1999 - 2000 Studies of lectureship of mathematics and physics at the University


2000 - 2005  Studies of meteorologie at the University Leipzig

2005             Diploma thesis: "Abschätzung des Verkehrseinflusses auf die

                     Partikelgrößenverteilung in einer Straßenschlucht unter                     

                     Berücksichtigung meteorologischer Parameter"

2005 - 2010  PhD student at TROPOS

2010             PhD: "Hygroscopic growth and CCN activation of slightly soluble

                     organic and inorganic compounds - Evaluation of experimental LACIS

                     data with FLUENT/FPM"

since 2010     Post-Doc at TROPOS



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Rose, D., Wehner, B., Ketzel, M., Engler, C., Voigtlaender, J., Tuch, T. and Wiedensohler, A. (2006): Atmospheric number size distributions of soot particles and estimation of emission factors, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 6, 1021-1031.

Voigtlaender, J., Stratmann, F., Niedermeier, D., Wex, H. and Kiselev, A. (2007): Mass accommodation coefficient of water: A combined computational fluid dynamics and experimental data analysis, Geophys. Res. Atmos., 112, D20208, 10.1029/2007JD008604.

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