Doctoral seminar summer term 2017

Seminar by the doctoral candidates of the Institute for Tropospheric Research and Leipzig Institute for Meteorologiy

Place: TROPOS, seminar room, building 23.1

Date Doctoral candidate Title
27.08.2018 Carlo Kwiezinski, 1. tbd
07.05.2018 Sebastian Zeppenfeld, 2. Marine carbohydrates in Arctic aerosols
08.05.2018 Anne Wiesner, 1. Real World Traffic Soot Emission Factors from Measurements and Inverse Modelling
15.05.2018 Bastian Stieger, 3. Organic acids in Melpitz – results of a one-year-long measurement campaign
17.05.2018 Tobias Otto, 2.
07.06.2018 Diego Villanueva, 1. Explaining the north-south contrast in cloud glaciation
12.06.2018 Matthias Faust, 1. Modelling dust emission from European cropland land
14.06.2018 Tobias Spranger, 2. Elucidating the composition of humic-like substances in the atmospheric aerosol particles
19.06.2018 Peter Mettke, 1. Atmospheric multiphase chemistry of isoprene-derived oxidation products
21.06.2018 Rajesh Vaishnav, 1. Ionospheric delayed response to solar EUV and UV variations
26.06.2018 Johannes Stapf, 2. Impact of Clouds on the Radiative Balance in the Arctic Marginal Sea Ice Zone
12.07.2018 Samtleben, Nadja, 2. Development of planetary waves in the middle atmosphere due to local gravity wave forcing
24.07.2018 Xianda Gong, 2. Aerosol properties including cloud condensation nuclei and ice nucleating particles in Cape Verde
02.08.2018 Christian Tatzelt, Study of cloud condensation nuclei and ice nucleating particles during the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE)
07.08.2018 Jacob Schacht Sources and transport pathways of aerosol to the Arctic – An aerosol-climate model evaluation study
09.08.2018 Nadja Triesch, 2. Organic matter in the marine atmosphere: sources, transfer and chemical characterization
14.08.2018 Stephan Lenk, 2. tbd
16.08.2018 Sarah Grawe, 3. Interactions of coal fly ash and water and their effect on immersion freezing efficiency
25.08.2018 Le Phuoc Hoa, 1. tbd