Doctoral seminar winter term 2019 / 2020

Seminar by the doctoral candidates of the Institute for Tropospheric Research and Leipzig Institute for Meteorologiy

Place: TROPOS, seminar room, building 23.1

Date Doctoral candidate Title
12.11.2019 Matthias Gottschalk, 3. tbd
19.11.2019 Johannes Stapf, 3. Radiative effect of clouds in the Arctic: Warming or cooling, a question of perspective?
03.12.2019 Erik Hoffmann, 3. Modeling of marine multiphase chemistry: Model development and study of the impact on air quality in coastal regions
05.12.2019 Jacob Schacht, 3. Modelling Arctic black carbon – influence of ageing and removal processes
10.12.2019 Rajesh Vaishnav, 3. Ionospheric delayed response to solar EUV and UV variations
12.12.2019 Teresa Vogl, 1. Investigating hemispheric differences in microphysical growth processes in clouds with spectral polarimetric cloud radar observations
17.12.2019 Marie Luttkus, 2. The influence of two different land use datasets on air quality
19.12.2019 Christoph Geißler, 3. Simulation of Forcing Mechanisms of the Quarterdiurnal Tide
09.01.2020 Michael Weger, 1. Urban air quality and pollutant dispersion: An overview of modelling approaches
14.01.2020 Audrey Tesseire, 1. Investigation of the susceptibility of mixed-phase cloud processes to aerosol perturbations with scanning SLDR-mode cloud radar
16.01.2020 Junghwa Lee, 1. The evolution of hydrometeor ratios in clouds: blending of theory, observation, and modeling
28.01.2020 Majid Hajipour, 1. Identification of hydrometeor types in Doppler spectra from polarimetric cloud radar
30.01.2020 Le Phuoc Hoa, 2. Aging of wheat and rice straw burning emissions in LEAK chamber
04.02.2020 Goutam Choudhury, 1. "Retrieval of cloud condensation nuclei concentrations from spaceborne lidar measurements"
06.02.2020 Andrea Cuesta, 1. Biomass burning BC and BrC mass concentration and optical properties
25.02.2020 Michael Lonardi, 1. Tethered balloon observations of radiative properties of surface and Arctic boundary layer clouds during MOSAiC
27.02.2020 Nadja Samtleben, 3. tbd
03.03.2020 Athena Floutsi, 2. Optimal estimation for aerosol typing
05.03.2020 Vasileios Tzallas, 1. Assessing cloud radiative effects with special consideration to cloud types using synergies of satellite observations and radiative transfer models