(please compare email CADUC-12)

Time per presentation

(please compare email CADUC-12)

50 talks:

- 6 extended talks => each 42 min + 3 min for questions+discussions

- other 44 talks => each 12 min + 3 min for questions and discussions

We have included into the program some discussions for

- summarizing the status of the knowledge and

- defining open questions for future work on Asian dust.


Format and upload of the presentation files to the presentation laptop

- pptx file (or “in the worst case” as a pdf file)

=> via a USB memory stick to us

that we can upload the presentation to the laptop for presentations

(you will not be able to upload the files).

=> please, do this in advance

(!!!; at least a half day before you will give your presentation)

since it will take time to upload your files.