From 27 – 31 March 2017 TROPOS and Cyprus University of Technology will host the first Cloudnet Training School at Limassol, Cyprus. The one-week course is intended to introduce new users to the concept of Cloudnet and  enable more experienced users of Cloudnet to deepen their understanding and/or implement new methods.



At five days, there will be basic lectures about the Cloudnet algorithms in the morning about the topics:

  • Introduction to Cloudnet data processing
  • Technical basics (radar, lidar, microwave radiometer, ...)
  • Products of Cloudnet (Target classification mask, ice water content, liquid-water content, ...)
  • Model evaluation with Cloudnet
  • New Cloudnet products (cloud radar spectra, moving Cloudnet stations, multi-wavelength techniques...)
  • How to set up a new Cloudnet station


Work Groups

Each attendee can choose between  special working groups held each afternoon focussing on one specific topic over the entire week. Currently, five topics are planned for the special working groups:

  • Setup of a new (mobile) Cloudnet station / technical design / hardware
  • Vertical velocities in clouds
  • Combination of current target classification masks with new turbulence / aerosol classification masks
  • Spectral decomposition of cloud radar spectra / Radar-Spectra-Visualizer (http://www.gim.bnl.gov/armclouds/specvis_java_toolkit/) workshop
  • Definition of potential new Cloudnet products?


Notes for applicants:

Students or scientists who are interested in participating in this Training School please contact Johannes Bühl (johannes.buehl[at]tropos.de).

The maximum number of participants is limited (currently 25). If more apply, we will have to make a selection, but each active Cloudnet station is allowed to send at least one participant. There will also be a conference fee. Since we organize this workshop for the first time and the number of participants is at this moment unknown we will inform You about the costs at a later stage. For the planning from our side, it would be very helpful if interested participants would apply as soon as possible.