Doktorandenseminare im Wintersemester 2018 / 2019

Seminar der DoktorandInnen des Leibniz-Instituts für Troposphärenforschung e. V. sowie des Leipziger Instituts für Meteorologie

Ort: TROPOS, Seminarraum, Geb. 23.1

Datum Doktorand/in Titel
30.10.18 Jan Kretzschmar,1. Evaluation of Arctic cloud cover in ECHAM6 using CALIPSO
08.11.18 Athina Avgousta Floutsi, 1. Towards an automatic lidar aerosol typing algorithm for satellite validation and model assimilation/evaluation
11.12.18 Tobias Otto, 3. Atmospheric aqueous-phase oxidation of isoprene epoxydiol (IEPOX)
08.01.19 Carola Barrientos Velasco, 2. "Cloud Radiative Forcing of the Arctic Surface during PS106 "
10.01.19 Hoa Le Phuoc, 1. Aging of biomass burning emission in LEAK chamber
15.01.19 Leizel Madueno, 1. Carbonaceous Particles in Developing Regions: Motivation for Black Carbon Measurements
22.01.19 Erik Schmöller (DLR) Study of the delayed ionospheric response to solar EUV
24.01.19 Hannes Griesche, 2. Applications of shipborne remote sensing observations puring PS106
29.01.19 Marie Luttkus, 1. Biogenic emissions and urban air quality: mechanism and mitigation options
05.02.19 Kevin Wolf, 2. Comparison of airborne measurements and simulations of broadband and spectral irradiances
07.02.19 Elena Ruiz Donoso, 3. Small-scale horizontal distribution of thermodynamic phase of Arctic clouds derived from airborne passive imaging spectral reflectivity observations during ACLOUD
14.02.19 Rajesh Vaishnav, 2. "Investigation of ionospheric delayed response to solar EUV and UV variations"
19.02.19 Peter Mettke, 2. Atmospheric multiphase chemistry of isoprene-derived oxidation products
05.03.19 Xianda Gong, 3. Source of Cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) and ice nucleating particles (INP) in Cape Verde
07.03.19 Kátia Mendes de Barros, 2. Evolution of deep convective clouds derived from ground-based observations
12.03.19 Christoph Geißler, 1. Forcing mechanism of the Quarterdirunal Tide
14.03.19 Tamara Felber, 2. Photochemical properties of photosensitizers in tropospheric aqueous solution
26.03.19 Markus Hartmann, 3. Ice Nucleating Particles and Cloud Condensation Nuclei in the Artic during PASCAL and PAMARCMiP: concentrations and potential sources
28.03.19 Tobias Bauer, 2. First results on coupled model ICON GETM