Our research intends to understand the tropospheric multiphase system. Model development is based on experimental work in the laboratory and in the field. Lab work utilises state-of-the-art physical and analytical chemistry methods to study gas phase, aqueous phase, organic phase, surface and, alltogether, multiphase phenomena. Field work aims to understand chemical processing and composition of tropospheric particles, clouds, fog and rain in the complex interplay of all compartments involved.

Field experiments

The chemical characterisation of anthropogenic aerosol, chemical multiphase processes and the formation and deposition of atmospheric trace gases are examined.

Lab experiments

Heterogeneous, gas-phase and homogeneous aqueous phase processes, particle modifications in an aerosol chamber and the nucleation in a flow tube are realised.

Multiphase Modeling

Multiphase Modelling

Based on lab and field experiments chemical mechanisms are formulated and modelled as well as different modules developed for improving higher scale models.


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The Atmospheric Chemistry Department (ACD) of TROPOS hosts the Organic Tracers and Aerosol Constituents - Calibration Centre (OGTAC-CC), which is the first calibration center for these class of compounds worldwide, providing a strong benefit to the aerosol community, as it harmonizes approaches for the chemical analysis of organic particulate constituents.