Research on mineral dust is related to various science disciplines. To bring together researcher from these different research fields involving mineral dust, the "Leipziger Staubtag" is organised, a 1-day cross-disciplinary workshop. Since the start of the workshop series in 2014, the "Staubtag" now has a six-year history. After the "Staubtag" has been held at different research institutions in the past years, we would like to invite you to attend this year's 7th dust workshop at the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS) in Leipzig in

14 & 15 September 2023 (noon to noon).

An overview of recent research questions on mineral dust, exchange of experience and knowledge, interdisciplinary discussions and networking are some of the main foci of the workshop. We invite researchers with background from different disciplines such as atmospheric and climate sciences, geography, geology, mineralogy, chemistry, physics, micro-biology and related areas to present their research, ideas, or concepts in talks and poster presentations and to foster new collaborations. Possible topics for workshop contributions:

  • Laboratory and field experiments, measurement campaigns
  • Monitoring
  • Sediment archives
  • Remote sensing
  • Numerical modelling on different spatial and temporal scales
  • Dust-related interactions and feedbacks
  • Dust as transport medium for bacteria and biogenic substances
  • [Translate to English:] Wüstenstaub aus Nordafrika hinaus geweht auf den Atlantik in Richtung Kanarische Inseln. Beobachtet von MODIS auf NASA's Terra Satellit am 17. Februar 2004. Quelle: NASA

  • [Translate to English:] Zwei-farbige Staubwolke vor der Küste Libyens aufgenommen von Terra MODIS am 26. Oktober 2007. Die verschiedenen Farben der Staubwolken sind auf die unterschiedlichen Bodentypen im Quellgebiet zurückzuführen. Quelle: NASA

  • [Translate to English:] Dünenfeld in Nord-Mauritanien, aufgenommen während eines Forschungsfluges mit dem Britischen FAAM BAe146 Forschungsflugzeuges am 9. April 2011 während der Fennec Campagne.