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TROPOS conducts multifold studies, research projects and technologies to investigate troposheric aerosols and clouds and their interaction.

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On this website you will find lecture timetables, the doctoral seminar, schools and conferences as well as topics for master themes.

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Discover and learn more about the fascinating world of swimming laboratories, cloud formation and african dust in South America.

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Recent measurements at TROPOS

Recent atmospheric measurements at TROPOS

TROPOS enables the permanent observation of atmospheric parameters like aerosol pollution and cloud properties.

Leipzig, 28.06.2024,
Press releases

A first: EarthCARE reveals inner secrets of clouds

First of four instruments delivers images - ESA-JAXA press release

Leipzig, 20.06.2024,
Press releases

New insights into the formation of tiny cloud particles in the Arctic

Scientists from Braunschweig and Leipzig jointly investigated new particle formation over Spitsbergen

Leipzig, 23.05.2024,
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Important software for the new European-Japanese Earth observation satellite EarthCARE

TROPOS researchers develop processors to measure clouds and aerosol

Leipzig, 10.07.2024,

Doctoral researcher in vegetation remote sensing for bioaerosol assessment (m/f/d)

The Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS) is a research institute of the Leibniz Association and an internationally renowned institute in the field of aerosol, cloud and radiation research. For the Leibniz ScienceCampus „Smoke and bioaerosols in a changing climate“ it has joined forces with Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) and Leipzig University, one of Germany’s largest universities and a leader in research. Both institutions offer an innovative and international working environment as well as an exciting range of career opportunities in research, teaching, knowledge and technology transfer, infrastructure and administration.

Leipzig, 05.07.2024,

PhD position (m, f, d) on the topic "Model-based analyses of atmospheric boundary layer developments at Station North (Greenland)

The Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS) is an internationally renowned research institution in the field of atmospheric research. As part of the Collaborative Research Center TR172: Arctic Amplification, Climate relevant Atmospheric and SurfaCe Processes and Feedback Mechanisms (AC)3, TROPOS is offering a doctoral position with a term until the end of 2027. The planned work is to be carried out at TROPOS but in close cooperation with the national project partners, in particular with the Leipzig Institute for Meteorology (LIM) and the University of Cologne.

Leipzig, 04.07.2024,

PhD Student or PostDoc (m, f, d) on Aerosol-Cloud Interactions

The Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research is a research institute of the Leibniz Association and an internationally renowned institute in the field of aerosol and cloud research.

Leipzig, 14.06.2024,

Scientific Employee or Research assistant or doctoral candidate (m, f, d, n.a.) DFG research Unit C3SAR

As part of the newly established DFG research Unit ‘Cloud 3d Structure And Radi-ation’ C3SAR, we are looking for a person with a strong interest in the study of cloud radiative pro-cesses taking into account spatially inhomogeneous atmospheric structures. The position can be awarded either as a half-time position over four years, as a 75% position (possibly in the context of a doctorate) over three years (both starting 1. 9. 2024) or as a full-time position over 2 years (starting 1. 6. 2026).

Leipzig, 17.04.2024,
Press releases

Aral Sea has made Central Asia significantly dustier

Study by TROPOS and FU Berlin compares dust emissions in the 1980s and 2010s

Leipzig, 11.04.2024,
Press releases

Second dust conference in the Earth's desert belt

German-Uzbek cooperation brings researchers together

Leipzig, 20.03.2024,
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New Leibniz Science Campus researches wild fires and climate

Smoke at the centre of the joint project

Leipzig, 01.02.2024,
Press releases

EarthCARE: Tracking interactions in Earth's atmosphere

Germany plays a key role in the algorithm development & data interpretation of the mission.

Mainz/Leipzig, 10.01.2024,
Press releases

Start of major aircraft measurement campaign in the Australian Pacific

Third and final part of the CAFE research expedition to study photochemistry and aerosol particle formation in the tropical atmosphere

Leipzig, 20.12.2023,
Press releases

Corona pandemic has reduced the melting of Himalayan glaciers.

Clean air would make water supplies safer for billions of people.

Leipzig, 13.12.2023,
Press releases

How forests smell – a risk for the climate?

New study by Leipzig University, TROPOS and iDiv on the link between biodiversity and climate

Leipzig/Köln/Bremen, 24.11.2023,
Press releases

Research to continue on Arctic amplification and its global impacts

Collaborative Research Centre / Transregio 172 “Arctic Amplification (AC)³” renewed again

Leipzig, 21.11.2023,
Press releases

Effect of aerosol particles on clouds and the climate captured better

Global measurements and model calculations show that the complex relationship between the chemistry and climate impact of aerosol particles can be successfully captured by a simple formula.

Leipzig, 13.11.2023,
Press releases

Evidence of global impacts of individual extreme forest fires

How the Black Summer forest fires affected global circulation.