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TROPOS conducts multifold studies, research projects and technologies to investigate troposheric aerosols and clouds and their interaction.

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On this website you will find lecture timetables, the doctoral seminar, schools and conferences as well as topics for master themes.

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Discover and learn more about the fascinating world of swimming laboratories, cloud formation and african dust in South America.

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Recent measurements at TROPOS

Recent atmospheric measurements at TROPOS

TROPOS enables the permanent observation of atmospheric parameters like aerosol pollution and cloud properties.

Brussels/Leipzig, 26.04.2023,
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ACTRIS - Largest multi-site infrastructure for atmospheric research worldwide officially launched

ACTRIS (Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure) was established as a European research infrastructure to provide science, industry and public authorities with access to a wide range of high-quality data, technologies, services and resources, and to promote cutting-edge research and international cooperation in the field of atmospheric research.

Leipzig, 21.02.2023,
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New cloud research project launched at the German Antarctic station Neumayer-III

First long-term measurements of the relationships between aerosols and clouds in a "clean-air laboratory".

York/Leeds/Leipzig, 19.01.2023,
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Extensive field measurements of nitrous acid in the marine atmosphere

Scientists have shed new light on the ‘self-cleaning’ capacity of the atmosphere.

Leipzig, 20.12.2022,
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Loon stratospheric balloons confirm wind data from Aeolus

Researchers recommend more vertical measurements for follow-up mission

Leipzig, 19.12.2022,
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What is the role of gel particles in the formation of clouds?

MarParCloud campaign compares concentrations of transparent exopolymer particles (TEPs) in the ocean and in the atmosphere for the first time

Brüssel/Leipzig, 01.12.2022,
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How to improve indoor air quality?

Large EU project starts with particle experts from TROPOS

Leipzig, 30.11.2022,
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Nature: Researchers from Leipzig call for a joint research agenda linking research on climate extremes and biodiversity

Press release by iDiv and Leipzig University

Leipzig/Waihōpai, 18.11.2022,
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German researchers in New Zealand on the traces of climate change

German and New Zealand researchers measure together in the South Pacific

Leipzig, 15.11.2022,
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Measurements of Aerosol Profiles above Tirana have started

New insights into air quality and climate expected in the Western Balkans

Leipzig, 06.09.2022,
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Smoke from the Black Summer wildfires in Australia impacted the climate and high altitude winds of the southern hemisphere for more than a year and a half

TROPOS analysis: Wildfire smoke becomes increasingly important for climate models due to climate change

Leipzig, 08.08.2022,
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Cleaner air as a result of coronavirus lockdown

Lockdowns in early summer 2020 meant that the amount of soot in the atmosphere, which is harmful to the climate and to health, almost halved

Ajdovščina/ Leipzig, 26.07.2022,
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Wood heating pollutes the air in mountain areas more than previously assumed

Study in Slovenian part of the Dinaric Alps sheds detailed light on fine dust distribution in a relief depression with a lot of wood burning in winter

Leipzig, 15.06.2022,
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Atmospheric researchers of the new research infrastructure ACTRIS-D meet for the first time in Leipzig

German contribution to the European Network will enable better forecasts for air quality, weather and climate in the future

Leipzig, 26.05.2022,
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New class of substances detected in atmospheric chemistry

International team reports on highly oxidized hydrotrioxides in SCIENCE

Leipzig, 18.03.2022,
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Dramatic warming in the Arctic – HALO-(AC)3 field campaign investigates a worrying phenomenon

TROPOS joins with BELUGA balloon & measurements on Polar 6

Leipzig, 07.02.2022,
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Deep insights into the Arctic of tomorrow

First interdisciplinary results of MOSAiC drift published – with contributions from Leipzig on the atmosphere

Leipzig, 26.01.2022,
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Updrafts crucial - clouds in the southern hemisphere more precisely understood

Longest dataset of lidar-radar observations in the mid-latitudes of the southern hemisphere provides new insights into the differences to northern-hemispheric clouds