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TROPOS conducts multifold studies, research projects and technologies to investigate troposheric aerosols and clouds and their interaction.

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On this website you will find lecture timetables, the doctoral seminar, schools and conferences as well as topics for master themes.

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Discover and learn more about the fascinating world of swimming laboratories, cloud formation and african dust in South America.

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Recent measurements at TROPOS

Recent atmospheric measurements at TROPOS

TROPOS enables the permanent observation of atmospheric parameters like aerosol pollution and cloud properties.

Leipzig, 15.06.2022,
Press releases

Atmospheric researchers of the new research infrastructure ACTRIS-D meet for the first time in Leipzig

German contribution to the European Network will enable better forecasts for air quality, weather and climate in the future

Leipzig, 26.05.2022,
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New class of substances detected in atmospheric chemistry

International team reports on highly oxidized hydrotrioxides in SCIENCE

Leipzig, 18.03.2022,
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Dramatic warming in the Arctic – HALO-(AC)3 field campaign investigates a worrying phenomenon

TROPOS joins with BELUGA balloon & measurements on Polar 6

Leipzig, 07.02.2022,
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Deep insights into the Arctic of tomorrow

First interdisciplinary results of MOSAiC drift published – with contributions from Leipzig on the atmosphere

Leipzig, 26.01.2022,
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Updrafts crucial - clouds in the southern hemisphere more precisely understood

Longest dataset of lidar-radar observations in the mid-latitudes of the southern hemisphere provides new insights into the differences to northern-hemispheric clouds

Leipzig, 21.01.2022,
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Climate change and wildfires could increase ozone hole

MOSAiC expedition observed strong smoke layer over the North Pole for the first time, revealing a new upwelling process in the troposphere

Leipzig, 02.12.2021,
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Analyses of the influence of aerosols on the yield of photovoltaic systems contribute to better utilisation of electricity grids and to making the energy transition more secure. A measurement campaign in Allgäu as part of the MetPVNet project provided important data for estimating the production of solar electricity. Photo: Jonas Witthuhn, TROPOS

Air quality models can improve the accuracy of forecasts of daily solar power production in the future

Analyses of the influence of aerosols on the yield of photovoltaic systems contribute toward a better utilisation of electricity grids and the energy transition.

Ny-Ålesund/ Leipzig, 04.10.2021,
Press releases

Leipzig tethered balloon in action on Spitsbergen. TROPOS and Leipzig University measure for the first time in the polar night. Photo: André Ehrlich, Leipzig University

Leipzig tethered balloon in action on Spitsbergen

TROPOS and Leipzig University measure for the first time in the polar night

Leipzig, 03.09.2021,
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Prof. Mira Pöhlker is the new Leipzig professor for aerosols and cloud microphysics. Her professorship at the Institute of Meteorology at the Leipzig University is a joint appointment with the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS), where she heads the department of the same name. Photo: Tilo Arnhold, TROPOS

New Professor for Aerosols and Cloud Microphysics

Joint appointment strengthens Leipzig climate research

Leipzig, 05.08.2021,
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Germany is getting a new infrastructure for research on particulate matter, clouds, and trace gases. Distributed among eleven institutions, this German contribution to the EU research infrastructure ACTRIS will enable better forecasts for air quality, weather, and climate in the future.  Logo: ACTRIS-D

Atmospheric research in Germany will be significantly expanded

National contribution to EU research infrastructure ACTRIS will enable better forecasts for air quality, weather, and climate in the future

Mindelo, 30.06.2021,
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A lidar from TROPOS has been studying the atmosphere over Mindelo on Cabo Verde since 29 June, providing important data on dust for the "Aeolus Tropical Atlantic Campaign" of ESA's Aeolus wind satellite. Photo: Edson Silva Delgado, Etfilmes / OSCM

Large measurement campaign in the Atlantic starts

TROPOS lidar on Cabo Verde in operation for the ESA wind satellite Aeolus

Leipzig, 10.06.2021,
Press releases

Soot from heaters and traffic is not just a local problem

Study from Thuringia shows: 50 per cent of the soot that is harmful to health comes from local sources and 50 per cent from long-distance transport.

Leipzig, 01.06.2021,
Press releases

Californian smoke drifted as far as Central Europe in autumn 2020 and caused heavy clouding of the sun

Comparison with ground measurements proves: ESA's Aeolus wind satellite also provides valuable data on aerosol in the atmosphere

Villigen/Zürich/Leipzig, 22.03.2021,
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Particulates are more dangerous than previously thought

Media release by PSI about publication of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI with ETH Zurich and TROPOS in Nature Communications.

Leipzig, 24.02.2021,
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The team succeeded in proving this process in laboratory experiments using a special flow apparatus at TROPOS in Leipzig, which allows interference-free investigations of gas phase reactions at atmospheric pressure. Photo: Tilo Arnhold, TROPOS

Oxidation processes in combustion engines and in the atmosphere take the same routes

Efficient autoxidation chain reactions demonstrated for the substance group of saturated hydrocarbons

Leipzig, 05.01.2021,
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In the journal Climate of the Past, researchers from the Leibniz Institutes for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe (GWZO) and Tropospheric Research (TROPOS) write that the 1302–07 weather patterns display similarities to the 2018 weather anomaly, in which continental Europe experienced exceptional heat and drought. Photo: Tilo Arnhold, TROPOS

Drought of the century in the Middle Ages - with parallels to climate change today?

Leipzig researchers identify previously unknown drought period from historical sources

Leipzig, 14.12.2020,
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Indoor air in hospitals and nursing homes require more attention

Recommendations against the spread of COVID-19 via aerosols in rooms