UN Climate Conference COP24 Side Event, Katowice, Poland

Monday, 3 December 2018, 10:30 - 12:00, Room Vienna



Darrel Danyluk, Canada / WFEO CEE President; David Lapp, Canada / WFEO CEE; Radoslaw Wojak, Poland / SITK RP; Prof. Lidia Zakowska, Poland / PK Poland; Yvette Ramos, Switzerland / WIE WFEO; Dr. Alexandra Howe, Global / FC-ES; CEng. Andy Webster, Global / FC-ES; Prof. Andreas Wahner, Germany / FZ Jülich; Dr. Kathleen A. Mar, Germany / IASS Potsdam; Prof. Hartmut Herrmann, Germany / TROPOS 



Engineers and scientists will provide presentations on the following topics, with a discussion to follow:

"Sustainable solutions to combat climate change: contribution of engineers and reducing air pollution"


  • The need to enhance the meteorological and engineering interface to provide the necessary data for science based decision making
  • Sustainable transportation solutions in cities, e-mobility and environmental protection
  • Modernizing National Meteorology and Hydrology services for climate change adaptation optimization – long-term research infrastructure (e.g. ACTRIS RI) are necessary for monitoring trends
  • Emission-free coal-based power plant with a component for grid energy storage and energy recovery in the LNG regasification process. Reducing air pollution can combat climate change, save lives and help achieve sustainable developement
  • Climate protection and health protection overlap widely – intelligent measures can therefore serve both and help to achieve the sustainability goals more efficiently.
  • The future climate – engineering solutions


with presentations by


Prof. Dr Andreas Wahner, Forschungszentrum Juelich:
"Short-lived Climate Forcers: Important for Air Quality and Climate"


Dr Kathleen A. Mar, IASS Potsdam:
Black Carbon in Europe: Mitigation Priorities for Health and Climate


Prof. Dr Hartmut Herrmann, TROPOS Leipzig:
ACTRIS and EUROCHAMP-2020: Long-term Monitoring and Process Studies for a changing Atmosphere

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