Dr. Ronny Engelmann

Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS)

Permoserstraße 15

04318 Leipzig


Phone: +49 341 27177315

Mail: ronny.engelmann@tropos.de

Room: 216 (Building 23.1)







Scientific staff



Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Processes



Ground-based Remote Sensing


Research areas & research interest

  • Aktive aerosol and cloud remote sensing
  • Development of Lidar devices and methods
  • Aerosol and cloud distribution over the ocean


Current projects

  • PollyNET – worldwide Aerosol distribution
  • Leipzig aerosol and cloud remote observations system (LACROS)
  • European aerosol research lidar network (EARLINET)


Completed projects

  • CHARADMExp: Characterization of Aerosol mixtures of Dust And Marine origin, Crete, 2014
  • Aerosols, clouds, and trace gases research infrastructure network (ACTRIS)
  • Amazonian aerosol characterization experiment (AMAZE), Manaus, Brazil,2008
  • Saharan mineral dust experiment (SAMUM-2), Praia, Cape Verde, 2008
  • Convective and orographically-induced precipitation study (COPS), Black Forest, Germany, 2007
  • International Lindenberg campaign for assessment of humidity and cloud profiling systems and its impact on high-resolution modelling (LAUNCH-2005), northern Germany, 2005
  • Pear-River-Delta experiment, South China, 2004


Measuring Systems (constructed and supervised)



  • Lectures about windlidar for master students


Curriculum vitae

Academic qualification

1998-200|Student of physics|University of Leipzig    
2002-2003|Diploma thesis|TROPOS, Leipzig    
2004-2009|PhD thesis|TROPOS, Leipzig    

Diploma thesis: Development of a portable Raman lidar and setup of transmitting and receiving optics for a Dopplerwindlidar

PhD thesis: Aerosol Vertical Exchange in the Convective Planetary Boundary Layer: Turbulent particle flux measurements with combined wind and aerosol lidar


Research Experience

Scince 2010|Scientific staff|TROPOS, Leipzig    


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