Sebastian Bley

Leibniz Institute for

Tropospheric Research

Permoserstraße 15

04318 Leipzig  


Phone: +49 341 2717-7171

Mail: sebastian.bley at  

Room: 109 (Building. 23.5)  



Scientific staff/ PhD student

PhD representative



Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Processes  


Research areas & research interest

  • Characterization of the life cycle of shallow cumulus clouds using Meteosat-SEVIRI
  • Using the advantage of high resolution satellite data to improve the detection of small-scale convective clouds
  • Satellite remote sensing and field observations of cloud microphysical properties
  • Evaluation of convective clouds in atmospheric models


Current projects

  • High definition clouds and precipitation for advancing climate prediction (HD(CP)2), sub project O2 (Full domain observations), METEOSAT SEVIRI based high-resolution and model evaluation metrics, funded by BMBF


Curriculum Vitae

  • 2006 - 2011: Student in Meteorology at University of Leipzig
  • 2011: Master thesis: Vergleich zweier Schwellwertalgorithmen zur Wolkendetektion in solaren METEOSAT SEVIRI Bildern und Anwendung auf den hochaufgelösten sichtbaren Kanal
  • 2012 - today: Researcher in the Satellite Remote Sensing Group (PhD student) at TROPOS



  • Bley, S. and H. Deneke (2013). A threshold-based cloud mask for the high-resolution visible channel of Meteosat Second Generation SEVIRI, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 6, 2713-2723, doi:10.5194/amt-6-2713-2013
  • Bley, S., H. Deneke and F. Senf (2016). Meteosat-Based Characterization of the Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Warm Convective Cloud Fields over Central Europe. J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol. doi:10.1175/JAMC-D-15-0335.1
  • Baars, H., Kanitz, T., Engelmann, R., Althausen, D., Heese, B., Komppula, M., Preißler, J., Tesche, M., Ansmann, A., Wandinger, U., Lim, J.-H., Ahn, J. Y., Stachlewska, I. S., Amiridis, V., Marinou, E., Seifert, P., Hofer, J., Skupin, A., Schneider, F., Bohlmann, S., Foth, A., Bley, S., Pfüller, A., Giannakaki, E., Lihavainen, H., Viisanen, Y., Hooda, R. K., Pereira, S. N., Bortoli, D., Wagner, F., Mattis, I., Janicka, L., Markowicz, K. M., Achtert, P., Artaxo, P., Pauliquevis, T., Souza, R. A. F., Sharma, V. P., van Zyl, P. G., Beukes, J. P., Sun, J., Rohwer, E. G., Deng, R., Mamouri, R.-E., and Zamorano, F.: An overview of the first decade of PollyNET: an emerging network of automated Raman-polarization lidars for continuous aerosol profiling, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 16, 5111-5137, doi:10.5194/acp-16-5111-2016, 2016.



  • 07/2016: International Conference on Clouds and Precipitation (ICCP) Manchester, UK: Poster presentation: S. Bley, H. Deneke, F. Senf, C.C. Henken, O. Sourdeval: Comparing the spatio-temporal variability of warm convective clouds in a large eddy simulation with Meteosat SEVIRI
  • 02/2016: UCP, Understanding Clouds and Precipitation (Berlin, Germany): Talk: S. Bley, H. Deneke, F. Senf: Comparison of the spatio-temporal scales of modeled ICON-LES and observed convective cloud fields
  • 07/2014: 14th AMS Conference on Atmospheric Radiation and Cloud Physics (Boston, USA): Poster presentation: S. Bley, H. Deneke and C. C. Henken: A study of the life cycle of convective cloud ensembles using high resolution Meteosat SEVIRI data
  • 08/2013: PhD Seminar, TROPOS (Leipzig, Germany): Talk: S. Bley: Investigation of the temporal evolution of cumulus cloud fields from the Meteosat SEVIRI imager
  • 07/2013: Gordon Research Conference and Seminar (New London, New Hampshire, USA): Poster presentation: Investigation of the temporal evolution of cumulus cloud fields from the Meteosat SEVIRI imager
  • 09/2012: Eumetsat Satellite Conference (Sopot, Poland): Talk: S. Bley and H.Deneke: A robust threshold-based cloud mask for the Meteosat SEVIRI High Resolution Visible Channel