The CVAO tower

The 30m high CVAO measurement tower is the central element of the observatory in the Atlantic. The wooden tower was funded by the Leibniz Association and built in 2010 together with the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry (MPI-BGC) from German oak so that it would not be corroded by the sea salt and Sahara dust like a classic metal tower. Its height makes it possible to analyse the atmosphere without being affected by the spray from the coastal surf. Situated along the northeast trade winds, it is ideal for monitoring the transport of Saharan dust and anthropogenic pollution from neighbouring continents and its impact on the ocean. The tower houses state-of-the-art instruments for real-time analysis of the atmosphere - from aerosols to air composition. This unique data is important to better understand the interaction processes between the ocean and the atmosphere, as well as their impact on climate, the environment and air quality. The measurement tower at CVAO - a tool to unlock the secrets of the atmosphere and shape a sustainable future.