Soot Aerosols - Workshop on Measurement methods and perspectives

Leipzig, 02.10.2014

European researchers discuss new methods at the TROPOS

Soot particles in the atmosphere originate primarily from incomplete combustion of fossil fuels or biomass burning. Soot in the ambient air causes adverse health effects in humans. Furthermore soot absorbs light in the atmosphere influencing the climate. A single definition for soot is missing. Measures for soot and its composition are highly dependent on measurement method. Currently there are no legal requirements to measure soot concentrations in the atmosphere in Europe.

In cooperation with the Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology (LfULG) TROPOS organizes a workshop on methods to determine particulate black or elemental carbon on October 8, 2015. This workshop focuses on traceability of soot measurements and on soot measuring instruments suitable for the day to day operation in air quality monitoring networks.