Christian Pilz

Leibniz Institute for

Tropospheric Research

Permoserstraße 15

04318 Leipzig


Phone: +49 341 2717-7390



Room: 213 (Geb. 23.1)   



PhD student



Atmospheric Microphysics


Research focus & areas of activity

Aerosols in the lower Arctic troposphere

Design and development of airborne aerosol measurement systems

Planning and realization of field studies with tethered balloons


Current projects

AVANTi – Variability of aerosols above the Atlantic Ocean and sea ice - BMBF


Completed projects 

MOSAiC – Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate

iCUPE - Integrative and Comprehensive Understanding on Polar Environments - EU Horizon 2020



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