Professor Dr. Hartmut Herrmann

Leibniz Institute for

Tropospheric Research

Permoserstraße 15

04318 Leipzig


Phone: +49 341 2717-7024

Mail: hartmut.herrmann at  

Room: 001 (Building 23.1)




Head of the Atmospheric Chemistry Department at the Leibniz-Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS), Leipzig



Chemistry of the Atmosphere


Research areas & research interest

  • Our research intends to understand the tropospheric multiphase system.
  • Model development is based on experimental work in the laboratory and in the field.           
  • Lab work utilises state-of-the-art physical and analytical chemistry methods to study gas phase, aqueous phase, organic phase, surface and, alltogether, multiphase phenomena.         
  • Field work aims to understand chemical processing and composition of tropospheric particles, clouds, fog and rain in the complex interplay of all compartments involved.


Current projects


  •  "ALAMARE“ Aliphatic amines in the tropical marine environment: Sources, budgets and phase partitioning
  • “Hill Cap Cloud Thuringia 2010 (HCCT-2010)” A ground-based integrated study of chemical aerosol-cloud interaction”
  • “Hygroscopicity and Activation of Secondary Organic Aerosols”
  • „MISOX II“ Studies on multiphase chemistry of Isoprenoxidation
  •  "Branko" Specification of the water-soluble brown carbon in aerosol particles
  •  "PHOTOPAQ“ Demonstration of Photocatalytic Remediation Processes on Air Quality”
  • “PEGASOS” Pan-European Gas-AeroSOls-climate interaction Study
  • UBA EMEP Level 3
  • "ACTRIS” Aerosol, Clouds and Trace gases Research Infrastructure Network
  • Fassade MFPA GmbH Leipzig
  • Grain size Differentiated chemical and physical aerosol characterization as an indicator of the chang e in air quality compared to 2000 in Leipzig and Saxony "
  • „DARK KNIGHT“ The atmospheric chemistry day of key compounds influenced by the atmospheric chemistry night


In total 68 third-party funded research projects with about 7 Mio Euro funding for the group.


Completed projects

(Selection of 5)

  •  Oceanic Surface Processes in the Anthropocene – SOPRAN, BMBF
  • Aerosol chamber studies for ozonolysis of terpenes and isoprene: Influence of acid particles aerosol yields and products Leibniz-Institute for Tropospheric Research Leipzig, DFG
  • ATMOCHEM „Modelling the multiphase evolution of organic carbon in the troposphere“ DFG
  • MISOX “Tropospheric Multiphase Processing of Isoprene Oxidation Products” DFG
  • EUROCHAMP II „Integration of European Simulation Chambers for Investigating Atmospheric Processes“ EU,



Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of  Leipzig

  • Lecture “Chemistry of the atmosphere – Basics”               
  • Lecture “The tropospheric multiphase system”               
  • Seminar:  Atmospheric Chemistry                
  • Lab Course:  Atmospheric Chemistry               
  • Students individual lab courses



  • Deutsche Bunsengesellschaft für Physikalische Chemie (DBG)
  • Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh)
  • Section Photochemie the GDCh       
  • Section Wasserchemie the GDCh        
  • Head of the working group Atmosphärenchemie the GDCh in the Section of      Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology      
  • DECHEMA/GDCh/Bunsengesellschaft Joint Committee "Chemie, Luftqualität und Klima" (CLK)" ·       
  • ProcessNet Working Committee "Feinstaub" by DECHEMA, GDCH and KRdL, Co-Chair (with R. Zellner and T. Eikmann)       
  • Fellow of International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry - IUPAC (since 2002)       
  • Appointed member of the Scientific Advisory Board der „Kommission Reinhaltung der Luft“ (KRdL) in VDI and DIN (2003-2012)


Curriculum vitae

Academic qualification

1982-1985 |Study of chemistry (basic part|Georg August University in Göttingen
07/1985 |Pre-Diploma Exam|
1985-1986 |Study of chemistry (main part) |Georg August University in Göttingen
1986-1987 |Diploma Thesis work under the auspices of Prof. Dr. R. Zellner, Topic: "Blitzlichtphotolyse-Konduktometrie-Untersuchungen und Simulationsrechnungen zur Photolyse des Nitrat-Ions" |Institute for Physical Chemistry of the University of Göttingen
07/1987 |Diploma Exam|
1987-1990 |Ph.D. thesis work under the auspices of Prof. Dr. R. Zellner, Topic: "Zeitaufgelöste Laser-Photolyse und Stopped-Flow- Untersuchungen atmosphärisch-chemischer Oxidantien in wäßriger Phase", (i.e. "Time-resolved Laser Photolysis and Stopped-Flow Investigations of atmospheric Oxidants in aqueous Solution" Doctoral fellowship from the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie |Institute for Physical Chemistry at the University of Göttingen
02/1990|Oral doctoral examination in the subjects of inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry and computer science. Degree scholarship from the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie|

Research experience

1986-1987|Teaching assistant |Institute for Physical Chemistry at the University of Göttingen
1987-1990|Ph. D student |Institute for Physical Chemistry at the University of Göttingen, sponsored by a stipend of the "Fonds der Chemischen Industrie (FCI)"
1990-1991|Research scientist |Institute for Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry at the University of Hannover
1991-1992|Research scientist |Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Essen
09/1992-04/93|Research stay (sponsored by a NATO/DAAD-Stipend) as Visiting Associate in Environmental Engineering Science |California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, U.S.A. with Prof. Michael R. Hoffmann
06/1993- 05/1996|Appointment as "Wissenschaftlicher Assistent (C1)|Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Essen
09-11/1994|Research stay as a Visiting Associate |CalTech
03-04/1995|Research stay as a Visiting Associate |CalTech
06/1996-07/1998|Appointment as "Wissenschaftlicher Assistent (C1)" |Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Essen
05/1998|End of the Habilitation procedure with the thesis "Photochemische Bildung, Spektroskopie und Kinetik freier Radikale in wäßriger Lösung", (i.e."Photochemical Formation, Spectroscopy and Kinetics of Free Radicals in Aqueous Solution").|Venia Legendi for Physical Chemistry
Since 08/1998|Visiting professor |Shandong University (SDU) at Jinan and Fudan University (FDU) at Shanghai


Stipends & Prizes

  • Ph.D. stipend of the ‚Fonds der chemischen Industrie‘ 1987   
  • Scholarship of the Fonds der chemischen Industrie‘ 1990   
  • Postdoc-stipend by NATO/DAAD 1991/1992   
  • Gay-Lussac-Humboldt-Prize 2009




  • Spindler, G., Gnauk, T., Grüner, A., et al., "Size-segregated characterization of PM10 at the EMEP site Melpitz (Germany) using a five-stage impactor: A six year study", Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry, 127-157, 69, 2012.
  • Monge, M. E., Rosenorn, T., Favez, O., et al., "Alternative pathway for atmospheric particles growth", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 6840-6844, 109, 2012.
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  • Guo, J., Tilgner, A., Yeung, C. P., et al., "Atmospheric peroxides in a polluted subtropical environment: Seasonal variation, sources and sinks, and importance of heterogeneous processes", Environmental Science & Technology, 1443-1450, 48, 2014.

In total 208 peer-reviewed articles (5054 citations (ISI WoS)), 13 book chapters and 633 other publications.

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