Dr. Silvia Henning

Leibniz Institute for

Tropospheric Research

Permoserstraße 15

04318 Leipzig


Phone: +49 341 2717-7321

Mail: henning@tropos.de  

Room: 001 (Geb. 23.3)









Atmospheric Microphysics


Research areas & research interest:

Cloud microphysics and aerosol-cloud interactions


Current projects:

  • VACCINE (Variation of Antarctic Cloud Condensation (CCN) and Ice Nucleating Particle (INP) concentrations and properties at NEumayer Station compared to their values in the Arctic at Villum Research Station)
  • ACORES (Vertical CCN distribution in a marine environment)
  • ACE-SPACE (Study of Preindustrial-like Aerosol-Climate Effects)
  • ACTRIS (In-situ CCN measurements at TROPOS field station Melpitz)


Finished projects:

  • Hygroscopic particle growth at temperatures below freezing point of water
  • HCCT-2010 (Hill Cap Cloud Thuringia 2010)
  • HaChi (Haze in China)
  • LExNO (LACIS Experiment in November)
  • CLACE (Cloud and Aerosol Characterization Experiment at Jungfraujoch, CH)
  • ACE-2 (In-situ measurements of aerosol particle number size distributions at Mt. Fóia, Pt)



Curriculum vitae

Research Experience

since 02/2005  Postdoc at Leibniz-Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS) Leipzig, Topic: Investigation of aerosol-cloud interaction in lab and field experiments

04/2003–12/2004 Postdoc at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark (first year supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation), Topic: Investigation of organic aerosol particles with respect to their cloud activation properties

01/1999–03/2003 Scientist at the Paul Scherrer Institut (Villigen), Switzerland, Topic: Partitioning of the atmospheric aerosol between aerosol and cloud phase at the high-alpine site Jungfraujoch (3454 m asl, Switzerland), chemical composition of the water-soluble fraction of the high-alpine aerosol


Academic qualification  

10/2002 PhD Natural Sciences

01/1999-10/2002 PhD student at the Paul Scherrer Institut and University of Bern, Switzerland

12/1998 Graduated as Diplom Meteorologin

11/1997-11/1998 Diploma work at Institute for Tropospheric Research, Leipzig, Germany

10/1993-12/1998 Diploma student in Meteorology, University of Leipzig, Germany





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since 07/1999 Member of German Aerosol Foundation (GAeF)