Development of Methodology and Devices

The own development and implementation of new methodologies and devices is one research topic of TROPOS and in particular of the Ground-based Remote Sensing group. A main focus is the integration and testing of different lidar techniques for aerosol, cloud and wind observation.  Another objective is the development of own lidar devices to make latest scientific knowledge useable in automated systems. Further, the advancement of techniques for data interpretation is a key part.

In the framework of LACROS the group uses cloud radar, microwave radiometer and ceilometer observations to investigate the aerosol-cloud-interaction. Near-surface spectrally resolved extinction measurements are performed with the own Spectral Aerosol Extinction Monitoring System (SÆMS) to investigate the hygroscopic growth of particles. Additional to these methodologies and devices, the Ground-based Remote Sensing group uses sun photometers and radiosondes to explore the atmosphere.

Research topics

The Ground-based Remote Sensing group uses the following methodologies and devices.


·     Lidar

·     Own devices

·     LACROS