Atmospheric Aerosols

TROPOS investigates several of the basic small-scale processes occurring with atmospheric aerosols. 

On the one hand, we determine the properties of aerosol particles near their source, and examine their emission rates. Our range of interest encompasses natural aerosol types like mineral dust, sea spray, volcanic aerosol as well as anthropogenic aerosols, such as from domestic, traffic, and industrial sources.

TROPOS examines the formation processes of new aerosol particles under both, laboratory and field conditions. This involves nucleation and secondary aerosol formation processes.

We are also involved in the quantification of aerosol optical properties, including their relevance for atmospheric radiative forcing.

TROPOS also hosts a range of meso-scale and micro-scale atmospheric models that simulate these aerosol-related processes. Through internal and external collaborations, these models are validated and constrained using high-quality experimental data.

Natural and anthropogenic aerosol sources (primary aerosol)