Atmospheric Aerosols

A major asset of several aerosol studies at TROPOS is the long-term aspect of their analysis. Only long-term observations and numerical simulations can give reliable evidence on the actual relevance of certain aerosol-related effects upon global climate and human health.

Meanwhile, long-term observations require the scientists' enhanced attention to the issues of standardisation and comparability of aerosol measurements in time and space.

Numerical simulations of long-term trends by models, on the other hand, require extended computational resources as well as optimised parameterisations of the physical and chemical processes involved.

TROPOS is ready to face these extraordinary challenges on the sides of both, observations, and simulation.

Long-term studies of global relevance

Aerosol climatology of the atmosphere

At TROPOS the vertical structure of the aerosol distribution is observed. Long-term measurements provide aerosol climatologies for key regions of the Earth.

Long-term studies of regional importance and air quality


Ultrafine particles in the context of Europe's regional environmental health policy