The Mobility Particle Size Spectrometer

Mobility particle size spectrometers are instruments capable of determining sub-micrometer particle number size distributions. Their fundamental principle is the separation of particles in an electric field, based on different electrical mobilities.

At TROPOS, he have been developing the following variants of mobility particle size spectrometers:

  • SMPS (Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer), diameter range 10-800 nm
  • TDMPS (Twin Differential Mobility Particle Sizer), diameter range 3-800 nm
  • TSMPS (Twin Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer), diameter range 3-800 nm

TROPOS has developed these instruments for many years, harmonising their instrumental set-up, and continuously improving their reliability, long-term stability, and performance characteristics. A main goal is to provide instruments that are useful for long-term monitoring at globally spread atmospheric research stations.

Beyond our own developments we are also deploying the following commercial particle sizing instruments:

  • Aerodynamic particle size spectrometer (APS, TSI Inc.)
  • Optical particle size spectrometers (Grimm GmbH and TSI Inc.)
  • Neutral cluster air ion spectrometer (NAIS, Airel Inc.)

ACTRIS calibration workshop in May 2014

Registered partners may participate in ACTRIS calibration workshop for mibility particle size spectrometers in May 2014.

For detailed information, visit the ACTRIS home page: WP3 - 2nd SMPS Workshop 2014

Some of our key references

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