Transport processes

The research area Micro- and mesoscale transport includes process studies of transport and dynamics of trace gases and particles within the troposphere, descriptions of source-receptor relationships for interpreting experimental data, as well as studies on the influence of aerosol particles on the formation of precipitation and the radiation.

Transport of Saharan Dust

Simulations of Saharan dust transport are used to investigate and quantify the input of dust particles into the atmosphere and it's impact on atmospheric dynamics.

Air Quality

Simulations of emissions allow to estimate the concentration of pollutants and their dispersion.

Dust sources

Characterization of the atmospheric dust life-cycle and its controlling mechanism.

Multiphase processes

In the field of tropospheric multiphase processes detailed process models are developed that are applied for process studies as well as for the interpretation of laboratory and field measurements. Furthermore, these models are used for deriving appropriate parameterizations for more complex atmospheric model systems.

Numerical methods

In general, modeling complex atmospheric systems is very time-consuming. The models must give sufficiently accurate results, and should run efficiently on the available computer architectures. Therefore, the development and parallelizing of efficient numerical methods plays an important role within the Modeling Department.