Dr. Marcel König

Leibniz-Institut für

Troposphärenforschung e.V.

Permoserstraße 15

04318 Leipzig


Telefon: +49 341 2717-7302

Mail: marcel.koenig@tropos.de  

Raum: 101 (Geb. 23.1)






Modellierung Atmosphärischer Prozesse



Forschungsgebiete & Arbeitsschwerpunkte

  • Large-eddy simulation of the ABL
  • Turbulent structures occuring in the ABL
  • Subgrid-scale parametrization in LES (dynamic Smagorinsky model)
  • Tracer gas dispersion modelling with LES
  • Trajectory calculation with COSMO



Curriculum vitae

Academic education

2003-2009  Study of Meteorology, Institute for Meteorology LIM, University of Leipzig

2009           - Diplom Meteorologist (Masters degree Meteorology) Topic of diploma thesis:

                    Measuring infrared radiation an their meteorological application. pdf

                  - International Research scientist at the University of Minnesota 

                    College of Science & Engineering / SAFL, Minneapolis, MN, USA

                    (by Prof. Dr. Fernando Porté-Agel)

2009-2014  PhD Student at TROPOS, Modelling department

2014           Dr. rer. nat. (PhD Meteorology), University of Leipzig, PhD Topic:

                   Large-Eddy Simulation Modelling for Urban Scale pdf


Research work

since 2014      Research Scientist at TROPOS \ Modelling department




  • Jähn, M.,  Knoth, O., König, M., Vogelsberg, U. (2014): ASAM v2.7: a compressible atmospheric model with a Cartesian cut cell approach. Geoscientific Model Development, submitted.
  • König, M., Wolke, R., Knoth, O., and Renner, E. (2012). Modelling of atmospheric processes.In NIC Symposium 2012 - Proceedings, pages 313 - 320, Jülich, Germany. John von NeumannInstitute for Computing
  • König, M. and Knoth, O. (2011). Generation of turbulent inlet boundary layer condition forLarge-Eddy Simulation. In Biennial Report of the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research,Leipzig, Germany
  • König,M., Schönfeldt, H.-J., and Raabe, A. (2008). Zur Korrektur von Infrarot- Thermografie-Bildern in der Meteorologie. In Meteorologische Arbeiten aus Leipzig XIV. Jahresbericht 2008,volume 45, Leipzig. Universität Leipzig, LIM-Institut für Meteorologie

Conference contributions:

  • König, M. (2014): Large-Eddy Simulation of Tracer Gas Dispersion Events with Focuson Peak Concentration in the Mock Urban Setting Test Experiment MUST. American Meteorological Society, 21st Symposium on Boundary Layers and Turbulence, Leeds, UK pdf