Fundamentals of Equality Work

Equality is a guiding principle of the management of TROPOS - an essential instrument is the Equal Opportunity Plan, which is to promote and sustainably secure equal opportunities for people of all genders at TROPOS. Thus, concrete goals and measures are agreed upon here every 4 years, which apply to all functional areas and hierarchical levels and which are decisive for the design of working conditions and a non-discriminatory, respectful institute culture.


The measures include, among others, the targeted promotion of junior staff and careers, the offer of individual support opportunities such as participation in further training or the Leibniz Mentoring Program, measures to improve the compatibility of work and care work, and the sensitization of all employees to unconscious prejudices and the interweaving of different inequalities (intersectionality). Specific target quotas are based on the cascade model.

Here is more information on the promotion of women in science.



The Equal Opportunities Plan implements the implementation agreement on equality (german) of the Joint Science Conference (GWK), as well as the research-oriented equality standards of the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Leibniz Association's own equality standards. It applies to all employees of TROPOS, including employees in third-party funded positions and scholarship holders. The equality plan complies with EU requirements and can be viewed transparently by all interested parties.


As a member of the Leibniz Research Association, gender equality also plays a key role in Leibniz evaluation procedures. If, for example, a decision is made on the further funding of TROPOS, independent evaluations are carried out, among other things, on the implementation of measures in the area of equal opportunities. More information on the Leibniz Association's equal opportunities policy can be found on its website.